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Sick of low yield fixed income? Tired of market volatility?
You’re in luck…

Are you ready for a high yield fixed income alternative, with no volatility, from an “A” rated carrier?

Then you’re ready to discover Secondary Market Annuities.

Institutions and savvy investors have used these innovative guaranteed receivables for years, in high net worth managed funds and Wall Street syndications.  These institutions would love to keep the market a secret… but the cat is out of the bag.

Now individuals can purchase guaranteed, period certain receivables from A rated carriers at steep discounts.  The steep discount means a higher yield to you.

Would your IRA or investment portfolio benefit by a guaranteed income stream or absolute guaranteed lump sum from one of the worlds strongest carriers?  You owe it to yourself to learn more….

Utmost Safety
No Volatility
No Age Restrictions
Use Cash Or IRA
AAA Credit Ratings
Absolute, Guaranteed Payments

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