If you’re approaching retirement and looking for a safe investment option, then I have a very special opportunity to share with you today.

For investors in the last few years before retirement, safety is the #1 priority. Preserving your assets in a period of market volatility and protecting against loss is critical. But safe money options like Treasuries and CD’s offer dismal yields.

In fact, yields are so low that staying in CD’s ensures you are just losing money, safely, every day. Inflation is running far higher than CD yields, so your purchasing power is declining with each day you’re NOT invested.

Certificates of Depression more like it.

But there is an alternative.

In a little known corner of the financial world, there is an industry known as ‘Secondary Market Annuities’ and they come from structured settlements.

So what is a structured settlement?

Structured Settlements are typically an award won by an individual in a court case or private legal settlement. When the winning party in a case elects to receive their funds over time, an annuity is purchased. Money is paid by the losing party to an insurance company to close the case, and the insurance company issues an annuity and is then legally bound to make a fixed series of future payments.